Nulex is a Multi object oriented functional programming language. Where object can be use as different purposes. In Nulex function is not different, any time an object can be use as a function. An object can also be use as class or constructor and simple object and also as a function and the other advantage is that object can be extends too. The other advantages of the language for the user that type deceleration are not need to deceleration of any variable and the language can be directly run to the compiler as scripting mode. But to making package application, it can be packed as encrypted form. It is interpreted language and a Nulex Machine (NM) or runtime environment run those programming code which is run based on JVM. The extra advantages of the NM that , if it interpreted of a line of code once then it compiled that time to it’s understandable code and next time to running the same code it does not interpreted but use the previous compiled code and run it. Nulex can detects correct syntax, if any line found at programming code which not related to programming then it can skip it very intelligently.

Why Choose Us?

  • It is highly fit for developing Desktop base software
  • It is best fit for developing tools for embedded system
  • It also can be use at the research sector for testing theories, implementation algorithms easily
  • It is interpreted language and dynamic, dynamic code can be executed directly from any source like from local storage or cloud storage. It is very useful to work with AI, Where a code needs to be dynamic!
  • It is loosely typed multi object orientated and functional language where object can be use as class to create new object , and object also can be extended to make new type object.
  • Due to being loosely typed it requires no need of type declaration.
  • New line character is optional.
  • It has three types of variable, public as global, all and scope. Scope variable can be divided local variable (scope variable of a file ), and object variable (scope variable of any object)
  • Can handle hardware of any computer easily!
  • It has intelligent system to detect coding system of user, it can intelligently identify which is the runnable command, suppose if a user writes a song including a program in it then that will not hamper the programming code. For this it is very useful for those children who wants to learn programming.
  • Programming can be done at very small place due to the shortage of the commanding system in the language.
  • Ram is used very intensively by the language.
  • Nulex has some special data type like array and pcon , the specialty of the array is that it can contain all other data types at once like string, integer, float, Boolean, function, object, pcon can also be contained at the same time by an array .The pcon is the second type object of nulex. It is one kind of object which can be stored at any storage for using next time. It is developed for working with AI.

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Every page of programming file works as an object directly, so we can consider a page is a object which can run automaticaly when the interpreter starts from a file. Here is an example of simple hello world. Note that the green colored is not including of the programming language it is just command line.

Function is some block of code which is defined by a name, when the name is called the codes are execute. Using a Function is very easy. Under an object a function can be called directly, here same thing is done by a function like above.


Calling a function from a function is generalised the simple system of calling. but here two thing need to memorized that the function which is calling that is stand at another object state and , calling location object variable system maintains other object system. If the called function and caller function as at same object system then no, need to identify the object access at first.

Object of Nulex is a structure which contains some vital information. That information can be access and assign from anywhere. Object of Nulex can be consists of all type data. When an object is used as a constructor of to making several object then the object can be called as class.

Nulex constructor object can be extended and can be make new data type object. The extending means all the function and variable of the extended object will be avialble at the new constructor but other extra things are added with it and it will acts like new constructor object .

System 1 : simple system, useing one types of data

An array is a collection of data. At Nulex array is more then it’s meaning, because Nulex array can contains all types of data at a sequence. It is a one kind of object of Nulex which is specially building up for carries a big number of data. Nulex support unlimited multidimensional array. And its accessing and assigning is very easy!

System 2 : Nulex array can contains all types of data at once.

New data can be insert or updated into an array by the index parameter. If an array consists of n numbers of data. Then any data of the n number can be updated by passing array index of the data. If the assignation location greater then the size of the array then. The new data insert at last of the array.

System 1 : Simple Conjugal method at a scope

If a new variable is assign or declare with a old variable as the new variable is the reference of the old variable then the assignation process is called conjugal casting or method. If a new variable is declared as a reference of old variable then the two variables are acts like a same variable. To assignee a new variable by conjugal method, to provide the method the # sharp sign is used at the first of the old variable name.

System 2 : Pass variable as a argument of function with Conjugal method.

By passing variable with conjugal method it is pass as a reference. The passed variable value will be changed if the passed variable value is changed.

hello.pcon page: which is contains Nulex second types object name , "pcon".

programming page: here the pcon file is parse as Nulex GUI.

Nulex has very smart GUI interface, which can be designed by the pcon data type.


You can get start programming using Nulex but first you have to download Nulex runtime machine. At the beta state it is released for only windows platform. And Nimo is the First version release of Nulex 1.0.1 or Nulex 1.0.1 desktop version can be called as Nimo. Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 user can use the beta version of the nulex machine.

Run timer logo

Nulex Machine Runtime inviroment

Version: 1.0.1 BETA | nimo
platform: windows x86/x64
size: 51.4 mb
The Machine works as the compiler and runtime environment for Nulex Language.


Nulex Machine

Version: 1.0.1 BETA | nimo

The Machine works as the compiler and runtime environment for Nulex Language.
Installation version: It is an exe file for windows platfrom it will be installtion self.
Removal version: It is provided with a zip content. and need to extract at C:\Program Files

IDE logo

Eclipse Nulex IDE

This software is not an essential part for developing Nulex base apps, but it gives user better support to code with nulex, it can advise and auto complete nulex code during programming. And also it can run the developed apps very quickly. Developer or starter will be feal free during coding if the use the IDE. Note: The IDE need not to install just extract the zip file at a location and start using it


Eclipse IDE for Nulex

Greate IDE for Nulex has Better support

IDE can be download or setup by two ways.

  • By Full IDE

    Here Full IDE of eclipse with Nulex Development Environment can be found

  • Only Plugin

    It is the Nulex Plugin for Eclipse platfrom. Download the plugin and extract the zip folder. copy files from ,plugin folder and pest it to the plugin folder of your installed eclipse IDE

Note: For auto completion process you have to be download the , auto completion template.

Tutorial Video For setup eclipse to develop Nulex

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Note Pad++ Nulex IDE

It is also an IDE of nulex but it is liter then the eclipse IDE, and it can colouring and suggest code


Note Pad++ IDE for Nulex

Lite IDE of Nulex.

IDE can be download or setup by two ways.

  • By Full IDE

    Here Full IDE of Notepad++ with Nulex Development Environment can be found. It is a zip compressed file need to extracted and directly can be use to coding Nulex. .mo file can be identified by the IDE automatically.

  • Only Plugin

    It is the NotePad++ Plugin for Nulex, the xml file need to add from. language(tab)>Define Your Language>Import(import your downloaded plugin). and restart and use it.


Initially we are providing some PDF file for the learning of the Nulex. those PDF file are in zip compressed file. Please download those file and start to learn Nulex.

How to Start Installation Guide

This pdf file has the document to showing the way of starting coding using nulex

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Installation Guide

How to Install and start programming using Nulex Machine at Windows OS

Installation Process :

  1. Download the Nulex Latest Machine From the web site , from the Download section.
  2. Double click on the Downloaded exe file and and press Install button from the bottom.
    It will be Installed at the "C:\Program Files" path of your Windows machine as by a nimo folder.

Project Starting Process:

  1. Create a Folder at any derive with the name of your project.
  2. Create a file in the directory which extension must be .mo .
  3. Now write programming code at the file .

Project Running Process:

  1. By Command Line

    • Open a command prompt window at the project folder. To opening, this press the shift key of the key board and click at the mouse right button and choose "Open command window here".
    • At this command window type, nimo "file_name.mo" and press enter.
    • your project should be start.
  2. By Double Click

    • double click at the programming file.
    • file should be open with nulex machine, but if it is not set automatically then. chose open with and select the nulex machine.
    • Note: By this a programming file or project can be open which are contains thread, other wise the finishing of execution the command prompt window will be exit.

Coding System of Nulex Coding Guide

This document is for learning nulex coding. By this document an user can be learned how to coding at nulex to making software.


Coding Guide

Download Those Document to learn Nulex.

We providing those document as section wise. Because every part is very important so start learning Nulex as the serial we are providing. It will be very Help full.
  1. Logical Operate: It is the essential part of logical operations.

  2. Numerical Operator: Here we numerical work how can be done at nulex .

  3. Modulate: Modulate are use at mathematics work .

  4. Keyword: It is important to know about keyword of nulex.

  1. Statement: Statement are the logical operations working platform . All logical Decision are taken by this operator.

  2. Loop: loop is some kind of region of the programming area which can be used as need. it is also the using field of the numerical and logical operator .

  3. Variable structural Follow: Nulex has three types of variable system. It is the most important part for learning of Nulex.

  1. Boolean: It is a onkind of Data type of nulex need to know about it.

  2. Number: It is a onkind of Data type of nulex which is used to define numerical operations.

  3. Float: It is a onkind of Data type of nulex which is used to define numerical operations but it is contains floating point.

  4. String: It is a onkind of Data type of nulex But it is the main part for completing our task by the Nulex machine so it is very impotent to know it bettely.

  5. Function: Function is the important part of Nulex and all technique how to use it is discussed here.

  6. Object: Nulex is The Multi Object Oriented Functional Programming Language, so Object is the most important part of Nulex, here all about MOOFP are discussed .

  7. PCON: It is The second Type Object of Nulex and mainly used to storage object data for next use, It can be use as local database.

  8. Array: Nulex array give extra advanced technique to use it, all kind of data type can be include at once and more important that it can be used as unlimited multi dimension


Software Making system desktop apps making Guid

This the final stage of learing nulex. to learn this you can be able to make desktop base software.

Follow Youtube

Example of Nulex

Here some example of nulex is given for understanding what things are possible by nulex. IIt can be said that Nulex is very useful to making all kind of desktop based application. But when the language is developed then three things is our aim. We were wanted to prepared the language as that it can better help of a researcher of embedded system much or any other field including mathematics fields. And it can be use as a tools of learn programming. For this children or any age persons can be able to learn programming or can be practices algorithm very easily. We make it very useful for working with AI. It has some great tools which are very useful for those guys who are wanted to practices or want to impalement AI at any sector.

Though we are give best support for that field but desktop base game can also be developed by Nulex. For developing of game it has some special features, and there was no grebes, so it is very perfect tools to developing a game.
It also can be use to developing android application and micro-controller base environment.

NOTE:To view the code of the example click at the top of example image. which code is too much that are not showed at the web page ,you have to be download it from the tutorial section.

Pixeler software image

Pixel er Software

This Software can be used to take pixel details of a runing screen

This is a desktop software , developing for the example of the nulex language. it can give the details about the pixel where the mouse located in. At this example need to use global muse event and graphics capturer which takes screen short. from there the pixel details takes and reprented at the user.

Project Leader:Pallob Kumar Gain

Portfolio Image

Mouse location Graph

mouse location represented at a graph

Here a Greate libray of nulex is used. the library name Graph paper, it can used to show up graph about dynamic or statics data. like that here mouse location of x and y vs time showing at the graphics.

Project Leader:Pallob Kumar Gain

Portfolio Image

AI system

Here some point of two data is known by and AI and she makes a equation base on it

For this example nulex use the Interpolation AI library of nulex. this library can be use to analysis mathematics equation. To use it need some set of data which has two variable which has some relation, then The AI can find the relation about them

Project Leader:Pallob Kumar Gain

Portfolio Image

Flopy Bird

It is Game name flopy bird is developed using Nulex.

Nulex is the very usefull tools to develop game. becuse canvas is highly supported at nulex. The game is developed using over canvas. This canvas can be also using to making some king of software which need graphics analysis.

Project Leader:Pallob Kumar Gain

Portfolio Image

IoT technology

A software for working with IoT. Accessing COM port

Nulex can access COM port of the windows computer. And can serial communication with other device. this software has two part first part is showing at this example where a comport list are showing.

Project Leader:Pallob Kumar Gain

Portfolio Image

IoT technology

A software for working with IoT. Create a server of nulex

Nulex has a greate server library by which an server can be created , where a .mo file which is the nulex file can be easily access and work with hosted platfrom. and the server also support html.

Project Leader:Pallob Kumar Gain


At this section we arranged some tutorial video which is provided by youtube. And some example which is provided by zip file. please goto our youtube page and subscribe our page, then you will be able to get our letest tutorial video. but the example pakage of nulex can be download from here.

YouTube Link      

Variable System

It shows how can be implement code and how variable are works, string operations are also include there.



Statement like if,elseif,else,cheacker is inlude there. There has some example about it.



Loop of Nulex have some extra features fill free to use it.



Working for research or making game or commercial software need mathematics experience , nulex done easy it. it has some library for working with mathematics ,learn the example and make your skill.



Nulex Function has great using capability. function returning and argument passing type is not necessary.


Object and Class system

Object of nulex is the important part. Because an object is a system which define a new type data. And Nulex is MOOFP because its object. can be use as multi-purpose at once. An Object can be Use as Constructor or Class and and a Constructor also can be extends. Download the examples and lets practises.



This tutorial has some example file which will be very helpful to learn about nulex array and its using system



Nulex Beta version support audio gratefully. you can be able making audio player or can be add audio at developed game by using this technology. this example has some example file about it. you will be enjoy.



nulex has better support at canvas. nulex canvas using system is easiest system at programing world. download and enjoy and learn and make game or do image processing or make some kind of tools which can hide data at a image.


Data conversation

There has some example file about data type conversation system of nulex.



Nulex has greate support for GUI application. It is very needed element to develop desktop base application. To makes GUI base application you have need to practices the GUI example first.



Nulex event works with GUI. there has many types of event which can interrupted by user.


File System

Nulex file system is very extensive and advanced for backend. It is very importnet part of Nulex.



Nulex has external font adding system for GUI programing. External font can be added at any GUI element.



Nulex support MySql database, and It can be said that the mysql data base system is the easiest system of the world.



Runner is the part of the Nulex, but it can run external exe file or can be able to run dll file also. For this it has a library name RunTimer, which maintains all things. And Nulex also can run code from a string. to learn those you have to be practise this section.



Serial is the communication system of Nulex. Can assess comport of PC and can also able to serial communication between serial device.



Server System of Nulex takes it at higher position. Nulex can create special server for .mo file also. But general server and client can be create for communication over internet.



Nulex Thread implementation system is the easiest and best system at the programming world. Multi thread can be use at a time to access and assign the same variable. Thread are use to running programming work at parallel. Nulex Thread use less processing power and memory.



At programming time is the essential part. And Nulex maintains it very carefully. For maintains it nulex has a library ,let use it.

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